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This is one of the most common questions I hear from parents.

With good reason too! Kids eventually have to go to bed

and cute as they might look with a butterfly or dinosaur mask,

you don't want them that way the next day.


Like with any makeup, prolonged wear can cause you to

break out, develop a rash and put your skin at risk for infection.**

Washing off designs is fairly simple and easily done in a few minutes. It's best to use warm water and your regular face wash. Start by applying a bit of water to your face and working the soap into a lather directly onto the paint. Rinse with warm water.   

painted hands.jpeg

If you have a young child, you may use a washcloth with warm water and soap. Gently wipe away the paint. 


Some colors may linger. Do Not Scrub! Apply a mild face cream or olive oil to the skin and wash again after a few minutes.

**If you have any skin conditions or sensitivities, please ask for a patch test. Wait 30 minutes before washing off to see if you have had a reaction. IF you see swelling, feel itchy or have any reaction before the time is up, wash off immediately and do not get painted!**

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